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 A few words on the last elections in Israel 

Rhona Burns

“Something has to change. Anything. Things just can’t stay the way they are now”

These are the things I kept hearing from people during the elections in Israel. I didn’t know exactly what they meant. They didn’t either I suppose.

But after six years with Netanyahu in office, and another three years during the nineties, i.e. nine years all in all as Prime Minister of Israel – many seemed to understand that Benjamin Netanyahu needs to take a break. We need some time to catch our breath.

Well, many indeed- but obviously not enough.

Yes. Bibi Netanyahu just wouldn’t let go, and he drove us on and on, the Israeli voters, all sweaty and bruised, until we finally made it, safely but breathless, back to the stable. Yes- it was a record of 30 mandates – a huge number compared to what was expected. He made it, the big winner, but we- the voters were now so depressed and exhausted from his repeated beatings on our wounded crooked backs, that we now had no appetite for anything at all. We just wanted to cuddle up and sleep it all away.

Bibi – the liar, the great inciter, the one who cannot admit his mistakes and never apologizes, is the very opposite of a responsible leader.

He is the very opposite of what we need, even  without wanting it. We don’t need to “change the people”, as some claim in contempt, we need to change the Bibi. It is just as true now as it was before the elections, and despite the elections’ results, still we need to replace Bibi, and still we need to repeat this need, again and again until the next opportunity we have. If he had a drop of decency in him, Bibi would at least admit that.

It’s true – “the people” are too afraid to replace him. If Bibi goes, all the vicious beasts, from within and from without, will come to devour them, the people. Game over. And as fits a good circus-trainer, Bibi manages every time to make “the people” be more afraid.

I will not conceal the magnitude of my disappointment and regret facing the results of the last elections.  Sometimes, it seems that Bibi, the arrogant thug, will not leave us be before he, and he alone, decides to do so. Only when he will have enough of us, will we finally see his turning back stepping away, as so many of us wished to see already during these elections.

“The people” feel safe with him. The scared people, transformed under Netanyau’s wand to an obedient and submissive mass, have already forgotten what it means to be free, to live outside the cage.

I don’t even want to quote the re-elected Prime Minister on his low and racist announcements he made during election-day. They are so typical, so numerous, and so embarrassing.

To whom does Bibi address?! Are the voters from “the left” no part of the same “people”? Is Bibi trying to tell us that there is more than one “people”? Is he trying to say that he is the leader of the winning camp? What does he wish the other camp? to the one outside “his people”?

Only Bibi dared to keep going right up until the bitter end, riding on slogans of hate, racism and incitement. A rhetoric designed for the crazed masses. Bibi wants to be “their” king and “they” want him as king.

“They have V15” he said in one of his addresses to his supporters, “we have the people”. And I ask you again: Who are the people?

Know ye “people” that you are the lower classes, the less educated, much less educated than Bibi, his wife or his children. You are less educated than the ministers in the government (to the last of them). Your children have no chance in getting the education they deserve to get, as long as Bibi and his ways lead our paths. He likes it this way. If you ask him, everything is just fine as it is.  You, “the people”, are who Bibi counts on.

“The people love him”. Bibi says as much, Sarah says so too. The people love her as well, as we well remember her stating recently.

Well, yes. Just like a fairytale, we are doomed to tell ourselves wondrous stories  of a redeemer – we are doomed to  dream of a day  when this scorched land,  left by Netanyahu after every step he takes as if he was an emperor marking off the bounds of his  forbidden city, will not bear his weight any longer as a leader.

Enough. After all the campaigns it really seems that everyone has lost. Netanyahu is the only one left standing, cheerful, presenting his shiny teeth all around, embracing his wife, patting on his dead-brother’s shoulder.

Thomas Cole, The course of Empire – Destruction, 1836

Thomas Cole, The course of Empire – Destruction, 1836

Originaly published in Hebrew